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10/10/16 - "SkyWave DX500" Rev:A PCBs on order.

10/1/16 - "SkyWave DX500" amplifier in development.

9/6/16 - LoudMouth Rev:B modules released to production.

8/9/16 - LoudMouth Rev:B modules undergoing testing.

7/25/16 - LoudMouth Rev:B design completed and Gerber files sent to fabricator.

5/1/16 - Adding "remote control power" feature to SkyWave DX250 & SkyWave DX350 amplifiers.

3/20/16 - First "SkyWave DX250" available for sale.

2/28/16 - First "SkyWave DX250" Rev:B production boards have been fabricated and should arrive next week.

2/20/16 - Started document to track HF high power/low voltage RF bipolar transistor sub-standard semiconductors.

2/14/16 - "SkyWave DX250" Rev:B design has been released to production.

1/24/16 - Additional "SkyWave DX250" prototypes being tested.

1/16/16 - Additional "SkyWave DX250" Rev:A prototype boards are being assembled for testing.

1/11/16 - "SkyWave DX250" Rev:A testing in progress.

1/6/16 - First "SkyWave DX250" Rev:A prototype board is being assembled.


12/21/15 - "SkyWave DX250" Rev:A prototype boards on order.

11/26/15 - "SkyWave DX350" Rev:D has been released to production with the new heat sink design.

11/23/15 - Building first "SkyWave DX350" Rev:D unit. Testing a new heat sink design on this unit.

11/16/15 - "SkyWave DX250" Rev:A PCB completed. We hope to get a few prototype boards 1Q-2016 to test the new design.

11/8/15 - "SkyWave DX250" Rev:A PCB in progress.

9/12/15 - Work in progress on development of tuned single transistor ("SkyWave DX250") temperature compensated class-AB mobile amplifier utilizing the Macom MRF454 device.

9/12/15 - "Skywave DX350" Rev:D PCB complete.

9/9/15 - "SkyWave DX350" Rev:D PCB in progress to allow easier manufacturing.

8/13/15 - Final component changes have been made on the "SkyWave DX350" design to accomodate Macom MRF454 devices.

715/15 - Transition from discontinued Toshiba 2SC2879A to Macom MRF454 in "SkyWave DX350" amplifier in progress.

3/18/15 - "SkyWave DX350" Rev:C PCB released to production.

3/14/15 - Last pre-production "SkyWave DX350" unit has been completed & tested. This unit is available via Ebay.

3/7/15 - Prototype enclosure design completed. First proto unit with new PCB and enclosure being tested.

2/28/15 - Work in progress on development of enclosure for new "SkyWave DX350" amplifier.

2/17/15 - First pre-production unit available on Ebay.

2/9/15 - Testing went well on the first unit. Several more units will be be built up and performance tested. These units will then be available on Ebay.

2/2/15 - New "SkyWave DX350" Rev:B PCBs in testing phase.

1/30/15 - New "SkyWave DX350" PCBs have arrived. Testing will begin within several days.

1/20/15 - "SkyWave DX350" Rev:B printed circuit boards on order.


7/5/14 - "LoudMouth" reviews are very positive on Ebay.

5/17/14 - First "LoudMouth" production units available via Ebay.