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1/20/15 - SkyWave DX350 Revision B printed circuit boards on order.

1/8/15 - SkyWave DX350 Revision B in progress. Planned changes from the current design include a new control circuit for the bias temperature compensation that improves on the already great performance. Other minor changes are planned for ease of manufacturing. A complete PCB kit for this amplifier is also under consideration.

12/28/14 - Single transistor narrow-band tuned linear amplifier schematic capture in progress.

7/5/14 - "LoudMouth" reviews are very positive on Ebay.

5/17/14 - First "LoudMouth" production units available via Ebay.

5/3/14 - PCBs are being fabricated. "LoudMouth" production is only several weeks away.

4/22/14 - "LoudMouth" targeted for production in early June. PCB layout underway.

4/13/14 - "LoudMouth" transceiver microphone preamp / filter prototypes are being tested.